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Hilsha Polao

Hilsha Pulao Recipe, a delicious recipe where subtle balance of spices and a bit of sweetness in pulao with hilsa fish.  Here, Ilish, or Hilsa, is cooked in Misti Doi and coconut milk, along with rice and mild spices.

Chicken Khichuri

Khichuri is one of those dishes that is made in almost every Bangladeshi household, and everyone has their own style of making it. Yes, there are some “traditional recipes,” but at the same time, it’s something that everyone puts together according to their own taste. 

Cream of Celery Soup

Homemade cream of celery soup with celery, onion, leeks, garlic, stock, and a little cream.

Creamy Turkish Basbusa Cake

Basbousa is a cozy, creamy Shuji cake, it is soft, Moist and a special Delight for festive days.


Lunch Set Menu

A quick bite with friends, a working lunch, or a treat with Mom? We’ve got you covered with our 2 or 3-kinds lunch ‘Lunch Set Menu’ available 

Prawn Vermicelli Bowl

Ready in 15 minutes, these healthy vermicelli bowls are full of nutritious ingredients that include barbecued prawns, asparagus, and beans, covered in a light Asian-style dressing, perfect for an easy dinner.

Meal Prep Breakfast

Breakfast meal prep style! Bake up your noodles on a sheet pan with prawns and spaghetti, tuck them in with some asparagus, cucumber, apple, carrot, pinut, and celery, and stash them in the freezer for the week. SO GOOD.

Lime Prawn With Red Rice Bowl

15 Minute Meal Prep Lime Prawn and Brocolli! The BEST easy protein powerhouse meal prep. Just 15 mins of prep and totally hands-off cooking!


VORTA Recipe


Spinach Fry


Bitter Gaurd Fry



Murir Moa


Bread Cheese Balls


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